`RHINO` Multi Purpose Chipboard Screws (Yellow) Assortment Pack


`RHINO` Multi Purpose Chipboard Screws (Yellow) Assortment Pack

  • 2600 screws of our most popular sizes at `ONE GREAT LOW PRICE`
  • Chipboard and Hardened screws, Pozi drive head, Zinc and Yellow Plated, high strength and deep threaded wood screw. Material: Steel C1022
  • Contents per pack: 3.5×25 x200, 4×25 x200, 4×30 x200, 4×40 x200, 4×50 x200, 4×60 x200, 4×70 x100, 5×40 x200, 5×50 x200, 5×60 x200, 5×70 x100, 5×80 x100, 5×90 x100, 5×100 x100, 6×100 x100, red plug x100, brown plug x100
  • CLICK HERE for Woodscrew size conversion chart
    • Prices exclude VAT.

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Size: screw+plug pack

(2600 per pack)

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