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High Performance Screw Assortment Pack

High Performance Screw Assortment Pack

  • 2000 screws and 200 wall plugs in each assortment pack.
  • Zinc and Yellow plating, corrosion resistant, and made from hardened steel.
  • 6 nibs under head for increased torque with a serrated thread for quick drilling.
  • Kit contains 3.5×25 200pcs, 4×20 200pcs, 4×30 200pcs, 4×40 200pcs, 4.5×25 200pcs
  • 4.5×60 200pcs, 5×30 200pcs, 5×60 200pcs, 5×90 100pcs, 5×100 100pcs, 6×60 200pcs, red plugs 100pcs, brown plugs 100pcs


  • Screws designed to be used in hardwood, MDF, decks, wood to plastic and wood to sheet metal.

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Size: Screw+Plug Pack

(2000 screws+200 plugs per pack)

1 pack +

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Screw+Plug Pack,