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‘Steel’ yourself a bargain!

Here at Screwshop we are happy to announce a special promotion on already competitive prices for tools and equipment used in builder’s metalwork & much more – come and ‘steel’ yourself a bargain!

We are very lucky to be able to offer a comprehensive selection of products spanning nuts, bolts, screws, fixings, ironmongery & many more. We think we are specialists in this area and we will continue to try to be your friend in the trade as we have done for over 30 years. All of our products are included in this promotion but here are some of our personal favorites:

1. Light Duty Timber to Timber ‘Jiffy’ Joist Hangers.

In packs of 100, our hangers are ergonomically designed with wider strap legs for increased nail spacing & adjustable leg length starting at as little as 33p per unit – suitable for joist depths of 150mm to 250mm & a quick and safe method of joist trimming such as supporting floor joists, trimming stairwells and underslung joists. We also have a ‘mini’ version available, these hangers are manufactured from 0.9mm galvanised steel and are perfect for trimming around ceiling hatches and other household applications. In packs of 250, this variation starts at 22p per unit.

Our ‘Jiffy’ Joist Hangers

2. Stainless Steel Wall Starter Kits.

Sold with a fully adjustable wall tie system, our starter kits are designed and made to suit masonry walls 60mm-250mm wide. Suitable for usage for both internal and external wall construction, these ties twist and slide to any position on the wall connector plate. In packs of 20, each unit starts at £4.50. Giving even B&Q a run for their money.

Our Wall Starter Kits

3. Light Duty Housing Wall Ties

Designed to secure two leaves of masonry together, these wall ties come in packs of 250 for £17.80. Crafted from 2.25mm dia austenitic stainless steel, they have a ‘double drip’ feature which prevents moisture from traveling across the tie. Brilliantly clever stuff.

Our Stainless Steel Wall Ties

For a cheeky discount off all of our products, just use promo code ‘PROMO5’ at the checkout for money off your order.